We specialize in delivering high quality user experience design!

We love to design challenging digital products.

AK Studio was founded in 2019 by Aftab Khalid. A UX Designer himself, Aftab aimed to build a design studio that can offer design services with purpose and meaning. In a short span of time, AK Studio has delivered splendid product layout and user experience services to our customers across different industries and regions.

We are able to cultivate a multi-disciplinary team of UX strategists, UX designers, visual artists, digital marketers, web developers, and creative content writers. Our skills are in producing web and mobile designs - specially for enterprise apps with multi-dimensional use cases and complicated data which include SaaS, Data Visualization, Ecommerce, and Fintech industry.

Our daily exercise in digital mindfulness

We help our clients with solutions in design, creative, emerging technology, and stunning communications.

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At the heights of technological enthusiasm, we're given the possibility to disregard the irrelevant. We value usefulness, aesthetics, and imagination. Our attention is focused on how technology could make the human experience more meaningful.

We exercise this non-stop meditation as a part of a much broader community of thinkers and doers, who include placing better goals and who're pleased through the vast potential offered by innovation.

Meet Our Team

Aftab Khalid

Founder, UX Strategist

Abdullah Asif

Interaction Designer

Muhammad Ahmad

Senior Shopify Developer


Why work with you?

We have a narrow specialization, which collectively with a multiple-iteration method provides the exceptional value to your users.

What sectors do you specialise in?

We work primarily with technology startups and SMBs that develop products in the SaaS, finance, blockchain, NFTs, and user experience services.

How can we start a project together?

The first step is to fill in our contact us form. It is followed by a discovery call after which we outline the project scope and services we can help you with. The subsequent step is to estimate our costs. When the deposit payment is settled, we get right all the way down to work!

What results will I actually get from this?

Customers start to better understand how your service works, they have got a smoother and extra satisfactory experience. As a result, they get extra value from the service. It is confirmed through Usability Tests, reviews, and metrics.

How do I share the design with my team?

All the design material is available via the web link. We additionally record screencasts with all explanations of our solutions to ensure everyone in your team gets it correctly.

My app is on React, will it work?

Sure! Our interface development methodology rests on the best Atomic and Component-based practices.

Are there any long term contracts?

We work on design support with lots of our customers for several years. When they want to release a new feature, they purchase our team`s working time.

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