Sensor Tower — A Powerful ASO Tool Helps Your Apps Get Ranked


I heard a lot about Sensor Tower I am a little bit choosy in using online resources or desktop applications. Yesterday I decided to explore Sensor Tower. So signed up for a free test account.

I am quite pleased to find a variety of features, in the side bar. Sensor Tower has a drastic system of charting the analysis. It makes you clear about the number of apps, your app is competing with. Further more overall it provides suggested keyword, app and keyword which is more of a nice to know. Sensor Tower shows iPhone and iPad rank of all the keywords you desire to use, and estimation of traffic, keyword difficulty, which is competition.

Sensor Tower

Best helping hand is their service to link certain blog articles they write. It gives a lot more to learn and to explore.

“Keyword Research“ feature provides the top apps that come up for these keywords on the App Store, including their main characteristics, like ratings and reviews, release date, last update, category and overall ranking.

Sensor Tower

If you really want to dig deep into your competition Sensor Tower provides much more detailed view in “Track Competitors” feature, describing what competitors apps are about: their reviews, description, rankings, estimated app worth, review analysis and internationalization analysis. This is literally everything you can wish for.

Even more interesting than all this info is the keyword spy. Biggest need for app optimization is based on the keywords, so here is where the magic is. The keyword spy does not only give me keywords for other apps, it also compares them to given keywords and tells me which ones are shared between both apps.
It also generates the additional keyword ideas, by a really useful tool named as keyword suggestion. You can also track competitors and have a deeper look to any app’s downloads and reviews

Sensor Tower

Keyword translation is a favorite feature to me: by entering my own keywords, I can automatically translate them into all languages relevant for iOS It was a difficult thing for me to translate each keyword by searching on Google. Great stuff!

Sensor Tower

At the end of the day I found, Sensor Tower is a mighty tool for ASO that comes at a significant price. I will definitely suggest every developer to give a try and see what it’s worth in terms of improving your ASO. You can always test it for 14 days and quit afterwards, so you can at least do updates for your app and see the results based on Sensor Tower optimization.